Itchy feet means a liver problem? The other day, the soles of my feet started itching like crazy. There is no rash, and the itch goes away after about 20 min. The itch happens right before I go to bed and as soon as I get up in the morning. I have researc

Liver . Liver disease can, indeed, produce itchy feet (and other parts), but so can a host of other problems, including diabetes, kidney disease, various cancers, parasites (scabies is famous for being intensely itchy at night, and has a predilection for the hands and feet), certain foods and an assortment of skin issues. I think the best place to start would be a dermatologist. I know it's difficult, but try your best not to scratch yourself silly. Making an accurate diagnosis in the presence of inflammation and even infection just from the scratching is much harder, and using a topical steroid to relieve the itch will only mask the symptoms without treating the disease.