Is it normal to lose your bladder control during a panic attack? I've been having occasional panic attacks for the past 8 years. Yesterday I had a very bad one and I urinated in my pants. I never had that happen before.

Hello. . Hello. Although not common, urinary incontinence can be a symptom of a panick attack (just as fainting and vomiting can). However, dr. Kardener is quite correct, before this is all chalked up to a panic symptom, talk to your doctor to ensure that you do not have a urinary tract infection or some other physical problem that is at least partially the culprit. Take care.
Panic . Panic attacks certainly can have many associated physical symptoms that often take people into the emergency room concerned they are in the midst of having a heart attack. If you think of panic as akin to a fear reaction (just imagine a tiger leaping at you right now) and you can recognize all sorts of fight/flight reactions that take place. Wetting oneself is one less common manifestation but consistent with the "fear." obviously, if you've been having these attacks for as long as you have, it must be very disconcerting. It is a treatable condition not only with medications but often with cognitive training exercise that allow thoughts to take back control from wildly running emotions. Speaking with your physician would be a good idea to be sure at which time he/she can also check out your bladder to make sure nothing else is going on. There are absolutely no psychiatric conditions that "immunize" a person from other physical conditions so it is wise to be evaluated and reassured. T.