Does it make sense for my 87-year-old father to have cataract surgery when he has stage 3 small cell lung cancer?

Yes, it does. To be able to see things clearly is part of quality of life. If he has a poor vision due to his cataract and cataract surgery can fix it- absolutely it is a good thing to do, if that can be done safely. The surgery itself is minor and with very minimal side effects. The fear of falling will increase significantly when we are older and it'd be very helpful if at least we can see things clearly.
Patient dependent. If his quality of life is affected significantly due to poor vision from a cataract, and he has good potential vision after the cataract is removed, then the risk/benefit ratio is likely in favor of having the cataract surgery done. Cancer prognosis is hard to predict, and cataract surgery is lower risk in terms of medical problems.
Maybe. If he can not see to enjoy his final days, cataract surgery should be considered.
It depends. If he has responded to treatment and is doing well and the symptoms of the cataract are impairing his daily activites, it could be considered. If he is not responding to treatment and his condition is deteriorating then it doesnt make sense.

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Could my 87 year old father have cataract surgery when he has stage 3 small cell lung cancer?

Yes. As in anyone considering any procedure, the benefits of having the treatment must be greater than the accepted risk, of course. In your father's situation, one condition does not exclude the other. Read more...
Yes. This decision hinges on balancing the potential benefit of the surgery and your father's quality of life. If cataracts are mild, and he is not significantly hampered, i'd likely advise deferring surgery. If vision changes are severe and quality of life is significantly affected, it is not unreasonable. The decision should be made in concert with your father's oncologist to help clarify. Read more...