What does mean when your stool is almost black all the time I am a colon cancer survivor, but when they discover my cancer my stool was regular color but there was blood around it on the outside and I was feeling very week, now I feel fine but the stool

Need to discuss. Need to discuss this further. You are 33, clearly have a genetic predisposition to colon cancer, have already had surgery and now with black stool. Black stool usually signifies blood from the upper abdominal tract - stomach, duodenum, small intestine. You should definitely not leave this alone and speak with a specialist regarding this further.
Unless . Unless you are taking a medication which is turning your stool black, this may be due to gastrointestinal bleeding. Black, sticky, foul smell feces may be due to bleeding. Please promptly advise your doctor of this change in your bowel movements. Take care.