50 year old woman menopause started. 2 years or so. Usual stuff until two and a half months ago. Been going for two and a half months with a day or two off here and there. Don't feel weak or bad. Tired of the never ending flow.

Let . Let me ad a few comments about your history that may be important. Menopause means that you stopped menses for a year. Your history is confusing because I am not certain whether you have not had bleeding for 2 years and now you are bleeding or whether your bleeding pattern has ben getting less but now is more. My point to you would be that if you really had no bleeding for 2 years and you are in menopause but then started bleeding, you need an evaluation very soon. Menopausal bleeding is a sign of cancer - not always but we do not expect you to start bleeding again on your own. So, if you are menopausal and now bleeding then se you doc soon and get tested for the cause. Best wishes.
Hello. . Hello. Menstrual bleeding can become very irregular and change in amount during perimenopause. Heavy bleeding is called menorrhagia. One of the possible problems that can be caused by menorrhagia is anemia. Please let your gyn doctor know so that the cause can be thoroughly evaluated and treated if necessary.