What is your diagnosis? Age 65. Type II diabetic since 2002. Novolog on sliding scale with meals + lantis 55 units @ bedtime. Take avapro 150mg/2x and htcz 12.5mg/2x to control hbp. Most recent CBC panel revealed for first time low values for white ce

I . I agree with you that it sounds like you are doing a very good job overall. I am glad that you are so active and can do your own yard work, and feel well. I am concerned that you are so anemic. A hematocrit of 30.2 is very low. It needs to be determined if that has been worked up, and if that is a stable hematocrit for you. Your a1c sounds like it has been improving but htat is stll quite high. I agree with you that portion control can be very helpful, and it sounds like you are quite active so that will also help you.