Thyroidectomy & thyroglobulin levels I had my right thyroid gland removed in april 2011 and then when they did the biopsy, it showed cancer cells so they had to remove my left thyroid gland the following week. I had rai in july 2011. I had my 6 month foll

Persistent. Thyroglobulin levels may remain elevated after a total thyroidectomy and rai due to persistent tumor cells in neck lymph nodes, distant metastasis, or residual thyroid tissue remaining from the time of surgery. Some additional tests, like a neck ultrasound and/or a thyroid metastasis scan can be helpful in obtaining an answer.
I . I can understand your frustration. You were under the impression that when your thyroid gland was removed that your cancer would be gone and your thyroglobulin level would be negative or zero. Unfortunately that did not happen. There is a chance that some of the thyroid gland that was to be taken out was left behind, or it could be that the level has not gone down to zero yet. May i ask what your doctor told you? Was a complete body scan ordered or is your doctor going to wait for the results of the biopsy? I wish you all the best.