I have noticed small light brown spots on the base of my penis these spots have appeared in the last 60 days

I . I wish that i could tell you definitively what's going on, but no one can without examining you and getting a complete medical history including your sexual history. If you're asking this kind of a question on an online forum like this, i suspect that you don't have a primary care doctor, or if you do, you don't feel comfortable asking him/her about this issue. If you don't have access to healthcare because of insurance or financial issues, go to a public health clinic. Almost every public health department has a sexually transmitted disease clinic. The one closest to you is the rockland county std clinic (845) 364-3771. What's going on with your penis may welll not be a sexually transmitted disease, but if it is, the folks there will be more than able to figure it out. They've seen it all, and if they're anything like most std clinics, they're not going to be judgemental. If you do have access to healthcare and don't feel comfortable talking to your physician about something like this, get a new one! in my experience, most of these issues are nothing - normal skin tone variation, freckles, etc. But if it is something like genital warts (which are incredibly common and nothing to be ashamed about) you want to get it taken care of. If, it's something more serious like a melanoma (which is incredibly rare - you've got a better chance of winning the lottery then getting struck by lightening) it would be a terrible shame to not get that diagnosed early because of embarrassment. So, get it looked at! and if you don't feel comfortable being completely honest with your doctor, find another one. It's not a doctor's role to judge or try to change your behavior. My role is to listen to you, evaluate your health problems and risks, and give you the information you need to make decisions.
Without . Without an examination and a bit more information, it's difficult to say what these spots might be. They might just be freckles, or they could be genital warts. If you've participated in behaviors that place you at risk for a sexually transmitted disease, or if you're otherwise concerned about these spots, see your doctor for an evaluation.