Does COPD always lead to lung cancer?

No. COPD and lung cancer are two totally different things but both are certainly tied to smoking. COPD doesn't lead to lung cancer, but quite often when someone is diagnosed with lung cancer, there is some degree of COPD found.
No. COPD lumps the emphysema and chronic bronchitis as the destructive airway processes assocated with smoking. Those that have COPD have a higher risk of developing lung cancer than those that do not, with smoking issues aside. However, not everyone thathas COPD develops lung cancer; and not every lung cancer patient has or had copd.
No. Many patients with COPD get lung cancer because most of them were smokers. So, the common factor is smoking. Sometimes, people with lung cancer don't have copd, and most patients with COPD dont get lung cancer.
No. But it does increase the risk of lung cancer, both from the history of cigarette smoking, as well as the chronic inflammation from the copd.
Possibly. There is the concept of the scar carcinoma. This is tumor, specifically adenocarcinoma that occurs in parts of the lung that is heavily scarred from copd. The thinking is that a) the same area that is exposed to cigarette smoke is risk factor for lung cancer, and b) the chornic inflammation in the COPD produces factors that predispose to lung cancer.
No... COPD and lung cancer are 2 separate diseases but they have a common risk factor: smoking. Smoking cessation will decrease your risk for these diseases and your doctor can help with quitting, if needed.

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Copd leads to lung cancer?

Not directly.... COPD is a disease typically caused by smoking, which is also a risk factor for lung cancer. So, COPD does not cause lung cancer but the two diseases share a common risk factor so some COPD patients will develop lung cancer on that basis. Smoking cessation decreases your risk of both diseases and your doctor can help with quitting. Read more...
Unlikely. While COPD does not cause lung cancer, the factors (smoking, for example) that cause COPD can also cause lung cancer. Read more...

Never have enough air in my lungs to take a real deep breath. Could this be COPD or lung cancer?

Deep breath. Not likely. However, if this is a persistent problem, you should have a chest x-ray to start and see your physician. Read more...

I have stage 111 lung cancer with COPD but can't eat much anymore. Don't want chemo. How fast do you die from losing weight?

Eat. Eat smaller meals throughout the day and try to drink boost or ensure "milkshakes" three times a day. There are medicines to help you as well talk to your oncologist. Read more...

I have had bad allergies). or does it sound like it could be COPD or lung cancer or something?

Can't tell. Sounds like nothing because you have provided no info. Anyways, I suggest you visit your physician if you have a persistent physical problem. We cannot make an accurate diagnosis online. You need a physical exam and maybe some tests. Best to you and for what it's worth, I know how bad allergies are in TX so I hope it's nothing more serious than that. Read more...