Recent blood test revealed allergic all year round, has headache with pain on the right eye, numbness and pain on teeth doctor prescribed allergy medication with antibiotics. 1 am male, 48 years old. Still have pain and numbness on my right eye as well as

Other Options. In addition to the good suggestion from these answering doctors - other options would be for evaluations by: 1) a neurologist doctor. 2) a dentist that is very familiar with treatment of TMJ via use of a multiple of treatment options to select from based on the actual findings.
See an Optometrist. This could be an eye-related problem. I would also see an optometrist to rule that out. They perform tests that dentists don't.
See . See an opthalmologist and ask about a cat scan of your sinus cavities.
These . These symptoms sound like something is pressing on the nerve that comes out of a small opening in the bone at the floor of the orbit (the eye socket). That nerve comes across one of your sinuses, and gives branches to the teeth on that same side, on the upper teeth. A c-t scan of your orbits and sinuses is a good idea!