Do I have to have a 3rd c section? I have had 2 c sections, and it has been almost 5 years since my last. I am in good health and do not want a 3rd c section. My dr. Said monterey county won't let me have a v bac after 2 c sections. If I refuse, what happ

First . First i all i respect your desire to want a vbac, however i must say as a clinician that you should seriously consider why your doctor and likely many others will refuse to do one after two previous c-sections. It is very risky to have a vaginal delivery after 2 c-sec, even if it has been 5 years. You would be at great risk of a uterine rupture and hemorrhage, which could lead to death of you and your baby. You have to ask yourself is that a risk you want to take. If it is a risk you want to take then you will have to find a doctor willing to deliver the baby. A doctor can decide not to go along with the patient's request if they feel they will or can do harm to their patient. However, they should refer you to a doctor that feels comfortable in this type of situation. Now if you went into labor and presented to the hospital and demanded a vaginal delivery then that gets a bit tricky. The doctor may proceed, but you will likely have to sign away any right to legal action if something goes wrong, or they may get the hospital ethics committee involved. You should research the comment about the entire county not letting you have a v-bac. That seems a little extreme, it is usually up to the doctor, or the hospital may have a rule. Check with a social worker at the hospital where you plan to deliver. He/she will be helpful in navigating this tough situation. Lastly, please consider the safety of you and your baby. A c-section is by far is the safer way to go. Best of luck.