I have been experiencing some pressure, discomfort, burning sensation in my upper chest. What could it be? I am a 26 yr. Old male, iraq war veteran. I have been diagnosed with ptsd, I do not have a specific pain with this sensation, but it feels strange

If . If you have not seen a doctor yet, then it is a good idea to seek care very soon. If your pain is increasing in intensity, you are experiencing shortness of breath, or heart palpitations, a visit to the urgent care or emergency room is in order. Your symptoms could very well be manifestations of your ptsd, especially if you are experiencing an increase in triggers.On the other hand a cardiac cause, as well as other medical issues need to be ruled out. Take good care.
First . First thing you should do is make an appoinment and visit your primary care provider. A complete review of you history of symptoms and what brings them on and relieves them will help your doctor to decide if you need further cardiac evaluation. If you have unrelenting pain then by all means go to the ed for evaluation. Thank you.