Back hurt I was in a car accident on last wed. My back is hurting a little bit, not as much as it was on friday. Do I need to go to the chiropractor just in case.

Before . Before seeing a chiropractor you should probably see your primary care provider first. He/she will perform a complete exam and may order x-rays. From there it can be determined if chiropractic services are in order. On the other hand, if you are already under the care of a chiropractor it is reasonable to go there and the chiropractor will tell you if you should see your primary care provider. I hope you are better soon.
Check it out. No matter what you think it is easier to deal with an injury early then waiting until more complications come up, you need to see someone either your family doctor or your chiropractor, you can have a whiplash that down the road will turn into a TMJ problem or cause constant back and neck issues. Better safe than sorry. Get well ( scdentalimplants.Com).