Question about my eyes, I started to see blurry from one day to another? From one day to another I started seeing blurry and my eye sight has always been perfectly fine. My eyes kind of burn sometimes. Sometimes I feel really weak, I notice a lot more whe

Most. Most likely an eye issue. 2 things come to mind, could simply be dry eye syndrome, which can cause burning and fluctuating vision. There is an entity called 'pigment dispersion syndrome', which can cause blurred vision with exercise. In this case, the pigment on the iris (the colored part of the eye) can shake loose. This usually does not cause burning. There are health issues that can cause weakness and blurred vision, especially with exercise, so you probably should see both your primary care doctor, and have them refer you to an eye doctor for complete evaluation.
This. This may be simply dryness. Before going to any eye doctor, get some over the counter tears like blink or thera tears and use 4-6 times a day and see if the problem goes away. If not, you can always make that appointment with an ophthalmologist.
Blurry. Blurry vision and burning in your eyes are classic symptoms of the dry eye syndrome. Others may also say that they have to blink a few times in order to be able to see clearly. I would recommend the use of an artifical tear drop used 4-6 times a day to start and if not better quickly, see an ophthalmologist.
You. You are describing a classic dry eye syndrome. The treatment always start with use of artificial tears. You should also be seen by an ophthalmologist for full evaluation.