Bumps on a 2 year old my 2 year old daughter has pimple like bumps randomly on her body. None on her face. They kind of look like warts. I tried to squeeze one of them, but it seems that the white stuff that comes out, is hard. She doesn't say that they h

There . There is a possibility that she could have molluscum contagiousum which is caused by a wart like virus. They look like little red or flesh colored bumps with a small hole in the middle that occasionally has a white, thick discharge. It commonly affects children and usually goes away within a year without treatment. Picking or squeezing them can cause spreading and/or an infection, so it is not advised. Below i've attached a website with more information about them. If the spots start to develop on her face, appear to be infected, seem to be worsening, or if you think they are not molluscum, then give her doctor a call. Good luck!