Daughter 16 has headache and body aches the last 16 hrs. Slight cough, feverish and lethargic. Just flu? Is it more than a she is taking hormone pills to prevent severe cramps from periods

Hello.. Hello. Her symptoms are suggestive of the flu or another viral infection. I cannot diagnose her. It could be helpful to take her temperature. Usually a temperature of 100.4 is considered clinically significant. If she has a temperature of over 104 f with headache and lethargy that would be a reason to get her seen. If she has headache with neck stiffness and confusion, that would be a reason for immediate care. If she develops difficulty breathing then she should be evaluated. Recommend rest, at least 8 - 8 ounce glasses of non-carbonated/ non- caffienated fluid per day, warm herbal teas and tylenol (acetaminophen) for discomfort. Chicken noodle soup and love go a long way too. Take care.
Viral. Viral illness usually resolve in time (7-10 days) without treatment. If your daughter's symptoms continue to worsen or she develops new symptoms such as neck stiffness, vomting, visual changes, or becomes difficult to arouse you should visit your doctor or nearest emergency room.