Vaginal discharge missed period no pregnancy symptoms I haven't had a period since my last one ended on jan. 5th. I had unprotected sex on jan. 7th. I haven't had any symtoms of pregnancy but a lot of clear vaginal dischage that is sometimes yellow or whi

Check for preg & STD. at this point (> 2 wks after sex) a urine preg test is just as accurate as a blood test. if you have not yet checked an over the counter urine pregnancy test, you should do that. Or as Dr. Engrav suggested, if your discharge is different than your normal discharge, you should be seen by your primary care provider or a someone who can evaluate you for a STI and check your urine for pregnancy test.
Since . Since you have not gotten your period since your last one which ended on jan. 5th, and it is now feb. 24th, there is still a chance you are pregnant despite the multiple negative pregnancy tests. Please see your provider and have a blood pregnancy test which is more accurate. In addition, there should be cultures taken of your vaginal area because of your discharge. If you develop pain, fever, vomiting, or light-headedness, then you would need to be seen as an emergency.