Consistent bad breath I brush my teeth probably more than most people. I clean my tongue, I floss, I have used sevral types of toothpaste and mouthwashes and yet I still have bad breath. It's been with me for as long as I can remember and it hinders my li

Your . Your description gives hints to systemic gastric problem i would recommend to visit your general physician for a blood work up to determine your level of sugar, for diabetis.. This condition produces high concentrations of acids translated into halitosis, once corrected the bad breath will be eliminated. Good luck!
Evaluations. You have great oral care habits but you did not say if you had seen a dentist recently. If you have not had regular dental care it is time to see a dentist for an exam and teeth cleaning. If dentally you are healthy then see md about medical conditions that can cause breath odors. Some of these are acid reflux and other GI conditions, sinus and post nasal drip, diabetes, and others. Good luck.
It . It is said that about 90% of bad breath comes from either broken down old silver fillings, washed out bonded fillings, loose crowns or bridges which are seeping out a cement smell, or periodontal disease. If all these areas check out as negative then i would suggest you check next with your general doctor who migh refer you to a GI specialist. The odor may be systemic. As for recommended mouth washes, we have had great resuslt with cloysis, a chlorine dioxide mouth rinse found either online or in health stores.
You . You are not alone in your quest to find a solution to bad breath. One of the biggest reasons people get bad breath is because they neglect to clean their tongue. However, it seems you are making sure that gets done. Therefore, my next recommendation would be to perhaps switch your tongue cleaner to the one most recommended by dental professionals; breath rx tongue cleaner. You can usually pick one up at your local pharmacy. We make sure to give every patient one at prosmiles because we believe in them so much. If you feel that gargling with the breath rx mouthrinse isn't doing the job for you i would recommend gargling with a solution of 50% hydrogen peroxide and 50% water. That tends to do the job because bacteria that tends to cause bad breath lives in areas without a high content of oxygen and by gargling with the recommended solution oxygen is released in those areas thereby killing the bacteria. If you'd like, you can read more about this on a blog we posted a while back at.
I . I think that the other doctors have given you many of the possibilities that could be causing your problem, and truly the only way to know what is causing your breath issue is through proper professional evaluation. If you eliminate the possibility that there is an underlying medical or dental problem then i suggest a mouthwash that I have found to work better than anything else even in difficult cases. It is called "smart mouth" by trident inc. And it is non-alcoholic. It is a two part system and is based on a zinc ion formula. My patients have found it to be very effective. It's certainly worth a try. Good luck!

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I floss, brush my teeth twice, use mouth wash & yet I have a bad breath. How can I avoid this once & for all? It's embarrassing. Thank you

Answer. See the dentist regularly twice a year for regular check up, most of the times early plaque or caries can cause bad breath. Then watch for foods that can cause bad breath like onions, garlic etc. To avoid public embarrassment keep mint gum or lozenges handy. Read more...
Several issues. This may be from reflux esophagitis, post nasal drip, gingivitis, or conceivably an esophageal diverticulum. A good place to start would be with your dentist. If there is no focus in the oral cavity, an ENT doctor would be my next step. This can be worked out successfully. Do not give up. Good luck and feel better. Read more...
Flora. You may also have a balance of odor causing bacteria in your mouth. Some of us have the cavity causing bacteria in our mouths and others gum disease causing. All this to say that if you are brushing your tongue way deep and are as religious as you say concerning your oral hygiene you may just be an unlucky soul. My kids keep their mouths very clean but still have halitosis. Natural oils may help. Read more...