Why did my mom pass out and urniate? What is wrong and what should I do? She just fell out and urinated shes 50, she drinks a lo of coffee, uses a lot of bleach and eats only plain popcorn

Sounds. Sounds like she probably had a seizure. Even if she returned to her normal self after this event, you need to bring her to an emergency room as soon as possible. There is no way for anyone to tell you for sure if she had a seizure or didn't, solely based on what you remember happening. She needs to be evaluated by a neurologist and get a brain scan (eeg.) if she has a primary care doctor that will arrange for that to happen in the next day or two, you may be okay with staying out of the er. If she doesn't, then, please bring her to an emergency room. The next seizure she has could be while walking up stairs, driving a car, holding a baby, or any number of scenarios where a seizure could result in awful consequences.
If. If she just passed out and urinated, she may have had a seizure. Did you notice if her body was stiff or if there were any jerky movements. Is she awake now. Is she tired or confused? Does she have a history of seizures? Am assuming this might have just occured? It that is the case, recommend that you call 911. If this happened a while back, her doctor needs to be notified. With the minimal info provided, she needs to be evaluated for a possible seizure, or a head injury when she hit the ground.