I have been bleeding from my vagina, nose, and ear. I have been puking up bright red blood and what looks like coffee grounds I had my period. Instead of lasting the normal 4 to 5 days it lasted for 2 weeks. Then 2 weeks later it started again. Then I had

You. You need medical attention. The coffee ground vomit is likely due to your nose bleed. The blood becomes oxygenated in the GI tract which gave it this appearance. The blood when you blew your nose, is likely to be from the lesion that is the source of your nose bleed. It needs to be determined why you are continuing to bleed vaginally. You appear to be bleeding several different sites. Sometimes, if the nose bleed is not stopping, it might need treatment (like cautery). Please call your doctor this morning to get further instructions.
Bleeding. Bleeding from multiple sites signal you may have an abnormal clotting or clumping mechanism to your blood or a coagulopathy. This can be life threatening, and need immediate medical attention.