What can be done to help stop an older child from wetting the bed? My 10 yr old child is still wetting the bed. We wake him up 2 hrs after he goes to sleep to go to the bathroom and he's soaked. We've tried waking him up an hr after he goes to sleep and s

Persistent . Persistent bedwetting can be normal in children up to the age of 6 years. After that point, further evaluation is generally recommended to evaluate for a structural or neurologic cause. Otherwise, outside of a cause, it is important not to treat this as a punishable behavioral issue as that will tend to exacerbate the issue. Often times his doctor may recommend a trial of medication to help improve his bladder capacity or decrease urine production overnight. One additional strategy that has at times been successful is the use of a "potty pager" which will vibrate at the first sign of moisture, thus conditioning the child to awaken to the need to void.