Does radiesse (dermal fillers) ever migrate? I mean, if I get it in my nasolabial folds, could it move down into my lip? .

Migration . Migration is a risk of radiesse, (dermal fillers) but it is very rare. Be sure you go to a reputable, certified clinic to have this performed. It has become a very common procedure but must be performed by a certified, trained professional. Discuss the risks and benefits with the provider that you see.
It should not move. Radiesse (dermal fillers) is injected in the deeper layer of the face and can smooth out the upper nasolabial folds. Best not to inject it into the lips. Once it is placed it should not move from the nasolabial area to the lips. I often use Radiesse (dermal fillers) as part of my "rosenthal liquid facelift".
Radiesse (dermal fillers) Migration. Radiesse (dermal fillers) is very unlikely to migrate if injected appropriately. Radiesse (dermal fillers) is not a permanent filler. It will last 8-24 months depending on injection strategy. Typically if it is injected in your nasolabial folds, it will stay there.