What if too much skin is removed during blepharoplasty? I'm worried that my surgeon will remove too much skin during my blepharoplasty. What are the options if that happens? .

Uncommon. This is an uncommon scenario. If it does occur, you have several options, including massage, taping, eye drops, and ointment. Rarely, in severe cases of insufficient upper eyelid coverage, additional surgery and possible skin grafting is needed.
Blepharospasm u. if too much skin is removed, you will not be able to close your eyes. Therefore careful measurements must be made preoperatively in designing the incision. You should have your eyes evaluated by a board certified surgeon with expertise in eyelid surgery.
That . That would be incredibly rare. I can understand your concern, so be sure that your doctor understands your concerns as well. If, under very rare circumstances that too much skin is removed, there are options for repair. Remember, initially it may look a little "tight", but our skin continues to lose elasticity over time and to "relax", so this will resolve.
It . It would be very rare to have too much skin removed if your surgeon is experienced in doing this surgery. Check out before and after photos of other patients to see that their results are natural and not overdone looking. In the rare event that too much skin is excised this can be repaired using skin grafts.