Can surgeons correct acid reflux?

Sort of. Most people with gerd can control their symptoms with dietary and lifestyle changes, supplemented with medication. For those whose lives are compromised by gerd despite these rx's, fundoplication surgery can help. However, the operation is not perfect: while many are happy, it does change the way the stomach processes food and can cause other side effects like bloating and increased gas.
Yes. There are many causes of acid reflux - common is a poorly functioning lower esophageal sphincter. The sphincter acts as a valve, allowing food to pass from esophagus to stomach but not allowing acid to pass from stomach to esophagus. When the sphincter does not work, reflux results. When medicine does not control the symptoms of reflux, surgery can help re-create a new valve and stop reflux.
Yes. If acid reflux does not respond to medications, raising the head of the bed, and not eating late at night , then the patient needs to be checked for a hiatal hernia. If this is found, the patient can undergo a nissen fundoplication which can help the problem.