How long does it take for a hernia surgery to stop hurting, and is it bad for it to hurt after 6 months? I had a hernia fixed 6 months ago so I could get into the military, and its been 6 months and it still sore. Is this bad?

Operative . Operative sites for a hernia can be painful for a while, although 6 months post procedure sounds a little lengthy. You should probably speak to your surgeon to evaluate the possibility of causes of your pain.
It . It depends on if you are describing a discomfort that comes and goes when you are active, or if it is a pain that is present all the time. There is a time period of nerve sensitivity in the skin below the surgical scar in some people. Some pains, if prolonged, can be from nerve sensitivity. Less commonly some people get chronic pain after hernia surgery. You probably need to see your doctor or surgeon for an examination.
I . I depends on where it hurts. It may be a recurrent hernia. If the pain goes dfown the lateral scrotum and then the inner thigh it may be from a nerve trapped in scar tissue..That's called inguinodynia.