My doctor told me it was ok to have a few beers after the first week of taking bupropion 150mg XL and citalopram 10mg together. I had to take a lorazepam. 5mg today so will I die if I have a few beers? All this hype with whitney houston has scared me.

Alcohol . Alcohol magnifies the negative or dangerous effects of lorazepam. So, you may become more sleepy with Lorazepam plus alcohol, you may become less anxious, but the combination in excess, as you alluded to in your reference to wh, the combination also magnifies the respiratory suppressing component (can slow or stop breathing) of lorazepam. That said, "a few beers" what does that mean? One beer, two beers, or more? All of the medicines you talk about may magnify the negative effects of alcohol. Be very careful when combining alcohol with psychiatric medicines. This does not mean someone can not drink, but play it safe. A drink, is not a couple.