I am 20 years old and have recently, past 2 weeks, been getting mild pain in my testicles. The pain comes and goes, and there is no pain to the touch. I had been hit in the testicles but it wasnt very hard. The pain usually occurs when wearing tighter pan

Hello. . Hello. I think you already did all the work here. Anything that puts pressure on, or cuts off the circulation to your genitalia can cause pain within the scrotum. You already mentioned several things you do that make it worse: wearing tight pants and briefs and sitting too much. Sitting with your legs crossed and bicycle seats can also be problematic. Think of all the pressure this puts on your testicles, prostate and perineum. Ouch ! ok, so what can you do to get rid of your testicular discomfort? 1. Trade in those briefs for boxer shorts . 2. No more skin tight jeans. 3. Stop crossing your legs. 4. Get up off your butt regularly and move around. 5. Gentle massage of the area and sitting in a warm tub of water can be soothing. If you get severe pain, especially if is not remitting, then you definately need medical attention. Stay well.