Why do I get sick from red meat? I stopped eating red meat about a year and a half ago. Just a personal choice. It started to make me sick to smell, see, or think about it so I just stopped. I eat it sometimes in little bits if its in a salad or a pizza b

This . This is very interesting. I don't have the answers for you, but here are some thoughts. You could be reacting to hormones and antibiotics that are fed to cattle. Maybe you are not able to handle the high fat content of the red meat. You could have a red meat food intollerance. You could be have a strong pyschological reaction to ingesting red meat. The next thought is more theoretical. Maybe your body is not making as many of the enzymes required to break down red meats, because it didn't need to for so long. It will be interesting to see what ideas other doctors who answer this question have.
It could be . Something else triggering the "meat disgust" that has appeared one year after you decided to stop eating meat. Only a good general medical check up with a physical exam & appropriate lab work up, will give the answer to your question. It is a good question and i wish u the best to find the answer asap. Take care and call ur doc!