For the last 3 weeks, my eyes have been in a staring mode. They feel like they are dry desert and it feels like there is no moisture in my eyes. What should I do?

Hello.. Hello. You might have dry eye syndrome. Recommend that you see your opthamologist and in the meantime you can try wetting drops called artificial tears to feel more comfortable.
Try. Try some over the counter tears first at least 6 times per day---thera tears or blink would be a good place to start.
Dry. Dry eye is a very common condition. Infect, it is the number one reason for a visit to an eye doctor. You should be evaluated by an ophthalmologists but here are some recommendations for treatment. For the treatment of dry eyes, we always start with use of artificial tears. Other options are, punctal plugs to retain your natural tear in your eye for a longer period. Restasis to help your eye produce more tears (this medicine does not work for everyone). Humidifier to decrease the dryness in your environment.