Can I still have lung surgery if my bronchitis is flaring up?

No. In general surgery should be postponed until you have been afebrile for 48-72 hours and are on the road to recovery. Lung surgery should not be done while a patient is ill with acute bronchitis or flares of chronic bronchitis due to an increased risk of postoperative complications.
Maybe not... It depends on many factors including your oxygen level. In general, your surgeon and anesthesiologist would want you as close to your baseline as possible, especially for a routine procedure. If the procedure is emergent, then there is increased risk doing the procedure during a flare but they may need to proceed anyway in an emergency. The decision is made by the surgeon and anesthesiologist.

Related Questions

If I get bronchitis every few weeks, will I eventually need lung surgery?

No. No you will not. There are patients that are susceptible to recurrent bronchitis for a number of reasons (ie active smokers, patients with structural lung disease like bronchiectasis, patients with immunodeficiencies). It is best to see a lung specialist (pulmonologist) if you are having recurrent bronchitis to make sure there is nothing else going on. Surgery is unlikely. Read more...
Not necessarily. If the bronchitis develops an area of severe bronchiectasis, then surgery may be indicated to remove the area of bronchiectasis. But surgery will not cure the recurrent bronchitis. If smoking or exposed to occupational hazards (dust or chemical fumes), then may need to avoid those causes of bronchitis. Read more...