My son is 20 and he has a problem with strobe lights, they make him nauseous and twitch. This will even happen to him when we are driving past a grove of trees with the sun shining behind them and it causes a strobe like effect. As long as he gets his ha

Your . Your son should see a neurologist who will order an eeg (brain wave) with photic stimulation. It may be a seizural event. Children with petit mal or absence seizure are often set off by this type of flickering light. A few years ago there was an outbreak of seizure activity among children in japan who were watching a particular cartoon with flashing lights. Occasionally people with migraine headaches are light sensitive. By challenging him with the light while recording brain activity, the neurologist will be able to see whether this is a seizure tendency or not. Petit mal (absence) seizures are not accompanied by falling down and shaking. The person having them looks like he's daydreaming and will blink rapidly. These spell can last a few seconds and then end suddenly. They are often 'outgrown'. There is medication that will help.