Is a tubal reversal guaranteed and expensive? I'm 44 years old and had my tubes tied 21 years ago. My second husband would like to have a baby with me, but don't know if its possible much less affordable.

Tubal. Tubal ligation reversals are expensive and getting pregnant is not normally guaranteed. But the real issue at heart is that at age 44, fertility rates are very low. It is very difficult for any woman to become pregnant at age 44 years old and the chance of carrying the fetus to term is even lower. There is a much higher rate of genetic effects at this age as well. Sorry, to provide dissappointing information. Take care.
Not guaranteed. Tubal reversal is successful in many cases but certainly not guaranteed. Certain types of ligation procedures may not be reversible. Some tubes may also be too short after reversal reducing the chances of success. Your doctor should be able to discuss all these limitations with you. As for cost, it varies from office to office. Call your local fertility offices and they should give you their cost.