What will make my pulled muscle in my neck feel better to day I sat down and I pulled a musle in my neck and it really hurts I have tryed laying on it but it did not help

Ouch! . Ouch! that can hurt so much, especially when you move your neck. You might want to avoid extending (moving backwards) your neck temporarily to avoid causing more pain. Avoid aggressive exercise. Consider something like advil or Motrin (if you do not have nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug allergies) or tylenol (acetaminophen). When you lie down, avoid using a hard pillow that causes your neck to bend. A soft pillow may cradle your neck better. Heat from a shower, warm compresses or even heating pad may help to relax the muscles (but don’t get burned). Application of something like tiger balm could also reduce discomfort. What i find best is acupuncture for treatment of trigger points. Hope you feel better soon.
I . I would recommend rest, hot shower and gently stretching your neck. If you do not have any allergies or medical conditions prohibiting anti-inflammatory usage such as stomach ulcers, kidney disease, etc then 400 mg Ibuprofen every 6 hours for a couple days may help. If you are uncertain if you can take anti-inflammatory medicine or the pain does not improve over the next few days you should contact your primary care doctor. Good luck!