How to get rid of sinus and head pressure.? Ok for the past year I have had these pressure headaches I have went to the doctors about 10 times over this they have all told me the sane thing that it some sort of allergy. I get pressure from my head on then

Allergies. Well then stop wasting your time and go see an allergist, get tested, get to the bottom of it and find out what is triggering your symptoms and how you can manage them. The allergist can discuss different treatment options with you and provide you with long term relief. Find one at acaai. Org or aaaai. Org.
It. It sounds like you may be dealing with chronic sinusitis and/or enlarged turbinates (bony projections inside your nose) enlarged turbinates are often the cause of severe congestion and sinus headaches. Your primary should refer you to an ENT (ear, nose and throat) specialist for an evaluation and work up. You will likely need a ct scan of your sinuses. Depending on the results you may need a surgery, which should be curative. In the meantime, buy a sinus rinse kit or a netty pot, use this daily along with a daily allergy medication. As far as sudafed goes, you can try sudafed pe which has less chances of increasing your heart rate. Good luck.