My bf can't seem to control his body temperature. Help! My bf has had a low grade fever for almost 2 solid days now he won't go see a dr. And I don't know what to do I have given him tylenol as directed but it does not seem to be lowering it much or at al

Hello. . Hello. Boyfriend feels warm, don’t have a thermometer to determine temperature, has no symptoms other than hip discomfort and has a history of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. 1. Buying a thermometer is a first step. It is much less expensive than a trip to the er. 2. If temperature is 103 f or greater, he should call his doctor. 3. If he has a temperature of 104 f or greater, recommend that at minimum, he talk to his doctor who can let him know if needs to be evaluated by him or an acute care clinic. If he becomes confused, or has a stiff neck with a high fever, he should definitely be seen at the emergency room. 4. A temperature below 100.4 is usually not considered medically significant. A fever for seven days or more should prompt a call to the doctor. I do not know how his history of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy plays into this. What is good, is the fact that he seems to be feeling pretty good — maybe his fever is only low grade. Invest in a thermometer today take care. P.S. You sound like you are a very nurturing girlfriend.