What would cause my throat to feel numb and as if it were swelling while not being able to start the action of swallowing off an on. Just started last night and only happened a few times but feeling it again.

Hello. . Hello. There is not a lot of information to go on here. I cannot diagnose your condition. These symptoms might be consistent with anxiety. There may be a "lump" in the throat sensation, difficulty swallowing, dry mouth etc if the cause is anxiety. You could be experiencing an allergic reaction. Have you just started using a new medication, new food, new mouth wash, etc? Are you using throat lozenges with benzocaine? What is of the most concern here is that it feels to you as if your throat is swelling. If the throat swells significantly, it can interfere with your ability to breath. Since, you wrote in this questions 12 minutes ago, it may still be occuring. Because of possible throat swelling, the prudent thing to do is to get this checked out at the er. If you are having difficulty breathing - please call 911.