"compassionate care" is overrated. I don't know about the rest of the country, but in la/oc, health care is a business. Accordingly, I expect good outcome/output/advises given to me that's patient centered more than anything. I hear "compassionate" by t

I . I hear you. For me, the best is a doctor who is extremely knowledgable, proficient and who listens and cares. If i needed general surgery, i would go for a doctor with exceptional surgical skills even if he or she didn't have much personality, over a nice surgeon with so - so skills. If i was going to see a therapist, i might want someone competent who appeared to really listen and care over the behavioral health provider who mostly had book knowledge going for them. With medical skills being equal, i think the average patient wants a provider who is compassionate too. You should not have to give up on medical skills/ knowledge/ communication skills and patient- centered care to get compassion. And vice versa. In other words, one should not be exclusive of the other. By the way, compassion in medicine does not need to equate to "mr. Roger's neighborhood". Compassion can also be expressed by candor and being tough.
Health . Health care, religious organizations, universities, etc... Are all businesses. Finding a doctor that is well qualified is not any easier then finding a good car mechanic. It is a trade, acquired and improved upon over a lifetime of learning - some are better then others. This does not make the trade any less compassionate. As your last statement implies, you are looking for a smart and compassionate doctor - not one or the other. Finding the right doctor is not easy, but keep looking. Compassion does come natural to some, but many learn how to be compassionate too. People, like doctors, friends, or just good people, will "do the best for me" as you put it. Put differently, do for others what they would want done for themselves. Keep looking, these kind of people are out there and are more then happy to give you quality care.
These . These are not mutually exclusive concepts. You can be compassionate and good and hopefully if you ask friends, check rating sites and professional accomplishments. There are excellent physicians in la, I am confident that will a little inquiry you will find one. Hope this helps.