Mercury fillings in teeth... Should I remove them? Should I have my mercury fillings removed? I hear that there are real health concerns.

20 . 20 years ago i read intensively about all kind of holistic approaches and researches on amalgams as restorations for cavities, at the time the canadian community was more aware of pros and cons, toxicity levels of mercury. Today is still a very controvertial issue, the removal of old amalgams for aesthetical reasons, I do not recommend it. Any time we touch a tooth with a "dental drill"to remove an old or not appealing filling, it can be considered as an insult to the tooth resulting in many instances an irriversable damage to the nerve dictating the need of a root canal treatment, and then a build up for a porcelain crown. So far the ada still endorses the use of amalgams as a choice for cavity fillers. I personnally haven't used amalgams in over 20 years, i mostly use composites or for more durable aesthetic restorations porcelain inlays or onlays. Good luck on your decision.
Not . Not simply for the sake of removing them! only if there is a problem with the fillings such as cracks, cavity underneath, or chipped. The american dental association still endorses the use of amalgam(silver filling).
There . There are two reasons to have your mercury fillings removed and replaced with a white composite material. Those two reasons are if the filling is fractured and/or if the filling has decay around it. Some people have their silver fillings replaced because they prefer the cosmetic appearance of a white composite fillings, however, silver fillings can potentially leak mercury at two points in their life span; when they are initially put in your mouth and when they are removed. Once the silver filling is placed and settled in your mouth, it is in a stable state and does not leak, except if it becomes fractured, at which point you should definitely replace it.
It . It is rare that i remove a mercury based filling and not find recurrent decay underneath. On this basis i would generally recommend their removal. On the topic of mercury toxicity, there is much controversy. That having been said, I have not used mercury based fillings for 25 years. I would recommend their planned removal over time and at your convenience.
Please . Please refer to my answer on webmd: http://forums.Webmd.Com/3/oral-health-exchange/forum/1552 best wishes, dr. Zev kaufman.