How can I get rid of molluscum on my daughter's face and around her eyes? The doctor has treated other areas of her body with cantharone, but will not use it on her face or near her eyes.

Time. You may wish to wait it out, as it will usually resolve with time. Alternatively you may discuss with your dermatologist Imiquimod and tretinoin cream as a treatment option, or simply curretage.
I. I agree. Curetting can work or a very minute amount of cantharidin in a very cooperative patient. Read more about molluscum treatment at the link below. I hope that helps.
Molluscum. Molluscum will go away on its own in in children with normal immune systems. Not treating the disease is a perfectly reasonable and well-accepted option. A major reason to treat the lesions would be if the child was prone to picking at the lesions possibly resulting in scarring or infection. If that's not the case, waiting until the lesions go away is a very reasonable, inexpensive, less-traumatic course to go. If there is a true reason for treatment, curetage (excising the core of the lesion) or cryotherapy (freezing the lesions with liquid nitrogen) are both good options. In children of color, though, cryotherapy can sometimes result in hypopigmentation (lighter skin) in the treated areas.
Manual. Manual removal with a curette by a dermatologist is the best way.