Hi my daughter is 13 and she has nose bleeds all the time. They last aroung 5-15 minutes and they happen at least once a day. One time, she had 3 in one day. Her eyes have also been watery. Can you help?

The . The tears normally drain into the nose (that's why we blow our nose when we cry a lot). The problem that is causing the bloodt nose can also cause the tearing. She should be evaluated by an ent.
The . The watering eyes are probably not really related to the nose bleeds, although the tear drainage system may be swollen and blocked due to whatever is causing the nosebleeds. You need to start with an ear nose and throat doctor to help with the nose issues first.
As . As an ear, nose & throat (ENT) doctor, i agree with the other posts - she needs to be evaluated by an ent. It is impossible to determine the site and/or cause of bleeding from just your description. A thorough medical history and nasal examination is necessary.