Can cardiac bypass surgery be done laparoscopically?

Small incisions. Cardiac surgery can be done through very small incisions robotically and/or thorascopically. Http://www. Ucdmc. Ucdavis. Edu/surgery/specialties/cardio/robotic_surgery. Html.
Not exactly... Technically, laparoscopic surgery is from the abdomen. Thoracoscopic surgery and robotic surgery can be used to do bypass surgery as well as other minimally invasive techniques. Your overall health as well as the locations for bypass all help determine if one of these alternative ways of operating is feasible or not.

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How does I feel after cardiac bypass surgery?

Pretty normal. Most patients feel different during the first 48 hours but quickly adapt. By two weeks a lot feel back to normal and certainly by 8 weeks the vast majority are back to work and resuming normal activity.

Any personality changes after cardiac bypass surgery?

No per se. Some may get depressed if they have significant deterioration in their functional activity due to a severe heart attack, heart failure etc and can't deal with it. Get help if needed hopefully the bypass will give you many more productive years. Good luck.
Yes. Neurologic changes (including personality changes) are common after cardiac bypass surgery and have stimulated research into off-pump cardiac bypass surgery and types of anesthesia and other maneuvers (hypothermia) during bypass surgery. .. Don't forget the effects of pain medications and heart medications related to heart surgery. ..
Sometimes. Although many patients experience some effects on the brain as the result of cardiac bypass, personality changes are not particularly common. The most common changes require sophisticated neuropsychological testing to detect. Drugs and unanticipated adverse outcomes can also affect personality following surgery. Off pump surgery has been touted as a solution, however this has not been born out.

I had cardiac bypass surgery months ago and I am still in a lot of pain.?

Not unusual. This is not that unusual but I would say less than 5% of my patients have significant post op pain beyond 2 weeks. Try som anti inflammatory medication. If you hear a clicking sound fom your incision it might not have healed properly and requires usually more rest.
See surgeon. Some discomfort, generally decreasing daily-weekly is not unusual. But be sure and have the wounds checked.
Pericrditis. Agree with first answere but also could be pericarditis: return to your surgeon as just suggested before & cardiologist.

How long do people on average have to stay on a machine after a cardiac bypass surgery?

0-12 hours. Depends on the institution, surgeon, operation, condition of the lungs prior to surgery but most hospitals extubate patients before they wake up or within the first few hours in the intensive care unit.
4hrs. 4 to 6 hrs on the ventilator machines after bypass.

How long after cardiac bypass surgery should a patient expect to feel as well as prior to the surgery?

Bypass recovery. This is not an easy answer. In large part, it depends on your overall health and associated diseases (co-morbid conditions) as well as your partcipation and response to rehabilitation and exercise. Generally speaking don't expect too much for a minimum of 6 months but work hard to achieve the best possible lifestyle to accomplish a rapid recovery.
It varies. If the bypass was done after a heart attack it may take a lot longer to recover, whereas if it was an elective procedure then recovery may be possible in 4-6 weeks, especially if followed by good cardiac rehab program.

How much does double cardiac bypass surgery cost?

Varies. Usually insurance will cover majority. Some pts without insurance are eligable for medicade and hospital will help facilitate. The cost will depend on complexity and length of stay. I've had pts tell me that there statements prior to insurance contribution was as high as 50k. But thats not what you should base things on. Best to call area hospitals and actually inquire. They often will negotiate.
$58, 000. $58, 000 in usa. $20, 000 in canada and england. $2000 in india.

What are all the possible complications after cardiac bypass surgery?

Do you want to know? Death, shock, heart attack, stroke, bleeding, infection, paralysis, collapsed lung, blood clots, arrhythmia, allergic reactions, drug reactions, transfusion incompatibility, mistaken identity, and you could miss winning the lottery. Luckily, though, the vast majority (98%) of people get through it without any serious complications! If you need bypass, not having it could be worse.
CABG complications. The major complications after bypass surgery include stroke, heart failure, sternal wound infection and graft failure. Depending on where you live, most states record these complications and report them, so you can find out the complication rate of your hospital.