Am I pregnant? I am concerned I might be pregnant I havnt had my period but they are all over the place, I am cramping for about a week now I have diahharia then constipation then normal on and off and my nipple area are sore please let me know what this

Hello. . Hello. First off, i cannot tell you if you are pregnant. I am making the assumption that you have had unprotected sexual intercourse. Symptoms of pregnancy can include: lack of a period, swollen or tender breasts, urinating more often, insomnia, passing gas, feeling tired, nausea or vomiting, mild cramping, constipation, spotting at time of implantation etc. You might have some form of gastrointestinal problem. Since your periods are irregular, but yours has not come yet, the best reassurance would be to take a pregancy test. Take care.
Check a preg test. It doesnt sound likely that you are pregnant, but a pregnancy test will tell you. If it is negative, then your problem could be anything from ovarian function problems to an intetinal disorder, which can be evaluated by a good gynecologist.