What to do with a cracked tooth and no insurance? A few weeks ago I cracked a tooth while eating. It didn't hurt, and doesn't hurt now, and I'm wondering is I can be okay for a while without seeing a dentist. I don't have insurance at the moment, not the

Don't wait. The worst thing you can do is procrastinate. Get a diagnosis and treatment options. Then decide what you can afford. Waiting often makes the situation worse and increases expense.
Waiting . Waiting to see a dentist is not going to do your tooth or your peace of mind any good. Just get in to see your dentist and tell him or her your situation. I have had many people in your position, and I have always found a way to work it out, both dentally and financially. Please don't let finances be the reason you don't get yourself checked. This becomes the age-old situation of pay now, or pay (pain) later. I have had far too many people who have waited far too long. That delay in treatment does nothing more than increase the time, money, and effort you will have to spend in the long run. Be good to yourself and go get that tooth fixed!
Your . Your body and all of its parts are the most valuable things that you own. Only you can determine whether it is valuable enough for you to spend your money to keep them healthy. Most dentists will work out a payment plan if you need one. Remember, even those with dental "insurance" do not get everything for free. The smartest thing to do is to get it checked out, get a good diagnosis and then make a decision as to the timing of treatment should there be any recommended.