What is it u got a lump under ur foot and it swells ur whole top of ur foot and toes? What is it and what is it from? It hurts and itch alot. He also wears flip flops alot. Please help me figure it out. Also what can I do about it?

I . I am not sure that I am visualizing this foot issue well. It sounds like there is some form of mass (unknown size) on sole of the foot that is painful and is causing the toes and foot to be swollen. I cannot diagose this. However, your description makes me wonder if this is an infection. Do not know if this is an acute or a chronic problem. If the mass is red, hot, tender, painful or draining that is sigificant. The surrounding swelling is of concern. If there is fever or red streaking that is even more concerning. If you have the above described symptoms, recommend that you go to the emergency room now. Regardless would see a podiatrist or your doctor to determine the cause.
The . The main issue is the lump on the bottom of your foot. You could have a foreign body in the sole of your foot or a puncture wound that has become inflamed. Because the bottom of the foot doesn't swell easily, the pressure is transmitted upward to the top of your foot which puffs up. But the problem is the lump and what is causing it. The differential would include venomous stings or an injury like stepping on a sea urchin. If your foot is warm and red, infection becomes more likely. This is not something that you can safely ignore and wait and see. A trip to see your doctor is highly recommended.