How dangerous is it when my boyfriend puts foreign objects in my vagina? My boyfriend was down there eating me out and I felt him put something inside and I thought it was his fingers, but it was the hair brush handle, he did it really hard and it only hu

Hi. . Hi. I am only going to address part of this question. There is a serious lack of sexual boundaries here. Your boyfriend rammed a hair brush handle hard into your vagina without even asking you if this was alright before hand? Even if you told him to be wild and anything goes, it sounds like your were injured. You only get one body in this life time. If someone sticks unclean objects inside you with the force to damage tissues or organs, that needs to stop. Even if you elected to engage in this behavior, it should not be done without clear mutual consent. I suggest that you put a moratoriam on sex until you get evaluated and medically cleared and not before you sit your boyfriend down for a serious talk. This is a serious issue. It needs to be addressed.