Withdrawal method... 1 week ago, I had sex using the withdrawal method 2 days in a row, my boyfriend ejaculated in the crevices and crack of my butt (sorry, too much information). And on my butt. I am a little concerned as to if this had any affect. I just

All . All contraceptives have failure rates. Please note that there are many sources of data for these rates and the numbers may vary. Withdrawal and fertility awareness methods have a high failure rate of about 25%. Your description suggests poor technique from a contraceptive perspective because some semen could make it’s way to the cervix. Let's put these numbers into context. Without contraception about 85% of women will be pregnant within a year. Spermicides & withdrawal (25-30%), fertility awareness (natural family planning, 25%), sponge (15-30%), diaphragm (15%), condom (15-20%), depo-provera (3%), and iud/implanon/sterilization (<1%). To be fair, there are some couples who are extremely successful with fertility awareness and withdrawal but typical use yields a very high failure rate. This failure rate may be perfectly acceptable if you do not mind if you become pregnant. Here is a bundle of web links about contraception effectiveness or failure rates: http://bitly.Com/ymwe13 the choice of contraceptive varies based on multiple factors including failure rate, ease of use, risks, benefits and miscellaneous other individualize issues.
UTI's . Uti's are usually associated with urinary urgency, frequency, and burning with urination. It is often associated with intercourse. You may very well have a UTI and would probably benefit from a visit to your physician. The withdrawal method of birth control is not a very secure method of birth control. Sperm may be present early on even before he detects that he is going to ejaculate. If pregnancy is really not what you want, please consider using another sort of birth control. Remember that you are currently not protected from sexually transmitted diseases. Safe sex is important. Consider condoms. Best wishes.
Hello, . Hello, concur with the last doctor. One issue with the withdrawal method is that the man can have pre-ejaculate on the head of his penis (in advance of ejaculation). It is a clear fluid that has a low concentration of sperm. Even if the sperm concentration is lower than that of ejaculate, this could still cause pregnancy.