What do I need to add or eliminate from my diet to pass a drug test? I received a negative dilute on the initial test. I am of slight build and a vegetarian. I exercise regularly and I drink at least 12 - 8oz glasses of water daily. I also drink 1 to tw

How about the drugs? There is nothing you can add or subtract from diet to pass a drug test, except eliminating the drugs. You don't need all that water, and it will cause a dilute urine which will automatically flunk the drug test. This idea that we need lots of water is bogus; thirst is the best guide. We get all the water we need from our food (60% water), if your urine is dilute you are drinking too much.
Hello. . Hello. You did not indicate why you are receiving a drug test. I know that some places of employment do drug testing on their employees. If the issue is soley that your urine was diluted, you may wish to decrease your water intake to 8 - 8 oz glasses of water per day, at least temporarily. If you have ingested an illicit substance that is a different matter. Take care.