Do you think I could be suffering from a mental disorder? Symptoms-extreme crying, worrying, anger, sad one minute happy the next, stress, suicidal thoughts, doomed feeling, high blood pressure, that has lead to cocaine use for 2 years snorting. For 1 yea

Hi. . Hi. I cannot diagnose your problem. It is not clear which came first, the drugs or the mood issues. Each can exacerbate the other. The mixture of cocaine, alcohol and smoking (tobacco? Marijuana? Hashish?) could be deadly. You stated that you are experiencing palpitations and high blood pressure now. The extreme mood changes might be related to the drugs you are putting into your system. Extreme mood changes can also be associated with certain personality types or mood disorders. One thing is for sure, if the substance abuse continues; if there is an underlying mood disorder - it will not improve. The best way to determine if there is an underlying mood disorder is to be free of all chemicals for at least three months. Your suicidal thoughts are of concern. If you have thoughts of killing yourself, a means or a urge to carry this through, you need to get emergency help. Whether you are actively suicidal or not, if you keep harming yourself with chemicals you have the risk of dying. I hope that you get professional help. You sound miserable and things could be much better for you. Take care.
If . If i had a dollar given to me by a patient who i meet for the 1st time saying they just began to use a street drug after experiencing mood problems for quite sometime, i would be a rich man. Our memories (or motivations) for sensitive issues have tendencies to fluctuate. If you begin to develop heart palpitations after using cocaine, then you are likely in some serious health trouble. Maybe you have an underlying anxiety condition or personality that is made worse by foreign items (i.e. Drugs, alcohol, nicotine). If you reason that you used Cocaine (and for that matter, nicotine and alcohol) to make yourself feel better, any doctor would suggest you try healthy methods. At this point i would "guess" (because there are only snippets to your story) you are experiencing substance (cocaine, nicotine) caused mental disorder (anxiety) and the anger you speak of could be another underlying mental health condition.