Can chronic pain in back and neck go away for almost a year then get aggravated by a car accident? I had an adrenalectomy from having cushing's disorder which left me with chronic pain in my back & neck for years and I also have insomnia (along with many

Neck & back pain. Mva can aggravate old injury or even worsen painful conditions. It can varies from muscle issues to bone or spine issues. I advised you seeking help from a pain management doctor for evaluation and treatment.
Hello. . Hello. You have been through a lot. You could have a new injury near the area of the old one. You could have an exacerbation of the old injury. I hope you have been evaluated for your more recent car accident. If you have not been fully evaluated - please do so. In addition to western medicine, you could also consider medical acupuncture. It may be very helpful for both the pattern of chronic pain that has returned and for more acute aspects of your injury. Good luck.