What can cause ones abdomon to swell up? At first, I thought it was just a case of comstipation, and after taking a med for that, the swelling seemed to go down, but I look like I am about 6 months pregnant and that is impossible as I cannot get pregnan

The . The first question is have you had a generalized weight gain? I am assuming that is not the case and that your issue is that your abdomen alone has become very enlarged. There are many reasons this could occur. I recommend that you see your doctor. He or she can insure you are not pregnant (against all odds); find out if there are any masses, check for excess fluid; marked constipation, etc.
I . I agree with the other physician's response. It is very important to have this evaluated. There are multiple causes of abdomen swelling, and you should have a complete evaluation. Even if you have been told you can't get pregnant you should still be tested, but other issues such as ovaries or bowel issues can also cause this problem.